TikTok stated on Wednesday that it will speed up its efforts to combat fake news and covert influence activities.
TikTok stated on Wednesday that it will speed up its efforts to combat fake news and covert influence activities.

TikTok Intensifies Efforts to Combat Misinformation


On Wednesday, TikTok, the social media platform owned by ByteDance, announced its commitment to stepping up its efforts against fake news and covert influence operations in preparation for the European Parliament elections scheduled for June. 

To address these concerns, the company plans to roll out a local language application in all 27 European countries.

The initiative builds upon TikTok’s earlier endeavors, which commenced in 2021 and gained momentum during recent national elections in Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, and Spain. 

These localized “election centers” aim to provide accurate information to users about the electoral process, enhancing awareness among Europeans.

Addressing Global Concerns about Misinformation:

With governments and politicians worldwide expressing apprehension about the proliferation of misinformation and the utilization of AI-generated deepfakes to sway elections, social media platforms have come under scrutiny. 

TikTok’s proactive measures align with the growing need to address these challenges effectively.

Highlighting the platform’s significance in the political landscape, TikTok revealed that approximately 30% of European Parliament lawmakers are active users. 

This statistic underscores the platform’s potential impact on public discourse and electoral outcomes.

Launch of Local Language Election Centers:

Kevin Morgan, TikTok’s head of trust & safety EMEA, unveiled plans to introduce local language Election Centers within the app for each EU member state. 

These centers will serve as authoritative hubs where users can access reliable information curated in collaboration with local electoral commissions and civil society organizations.

Collaboration with Fact-Checkers and Media Literacy Campaigns:

TikTok has collaborated with news verification entities to create educational content elucidating the electoral process and combatting misinformation. 

The platform intends to expand its fact-checking network in Europe and launch nine additional media literacy campaigns this year, further reinforcing its commitment to fostering informed citizenship.

Enhanced Transparency and Accountability Measures:

TikTok will introduce dedicated reports on covert influence operations to enhance transparency in the coming months. 

These reports provide users with insights into potential manipulation efforts, promoting accountability and trust in the platform’s content ecosystem.

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