Google is releasing an optimised version of Chrome to improve the surfing experience on Snapdragon-powered Windows PCs.
Google is releasing an optimised version of Chrome to improve the surfing experience on Snapdragon-powered Windows PCs.

Optimized Chrome for Snapdragon Windows PCs to Enhance Performance


Emulating x86 and x64 applications on Arm-based Windows PCs has historically posed challenges in terms of performance. 

Qualcomm seeks to address this issue with Snapdragon X Elite-powered systems, assuring game developers that most apps will “just work,” although optimization for Arm architecture is preferable for smoother performance.

Google Initiative to Enhance Browser Performance:

In a bid to improve browsing experience on Snapdragon-powered Windows PCs, Google is rolling out an optimized version of Chrome. 

Following public testing of a Chrome app supporting Arm64 architecture since January, the optimized version promises smoother and faster web browsing, particularly on devices equipped with Snapdragon chipsets.

Expected Performance Boost with Snapdragon X Elite Reference Devices:

Early benchmarking on Snapdragon X Elite reference devices suggests a significant performance boost for Chrome. 

Both Qualcomm and Google anticipate enhanced performance as PCs featuring Snapdragon X Elite chipsets become available, with the first systems expected to hit the market in the coming months.

Impact on Arm-based Windows Adoption:

Optimizing Chrome, one of the world’s most popular browsers and widely-used Windows applications, for Arm-based Windows PCs is poised to improve the overall appeal of such devices. 

While Microsoft released an Arm-optimized version of Edge in 2020, the broader adoption of Chrome is expected to further promote Arm-based Windows systems among users.

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