Long Beach authorities announced the successful recovery of a youngster in record time after issuing an Amber Alert.
Long Beach authorities announced the successful recovery of a youngster in record time after issuing an Amber Alert.

Child Abducted in Long Beach Found Safe Within an Hour of Amber Alert


Within a remarkably short timeframe of issuing an Amber Alert, authorities in Long Beach announced the safe recovery of a child who had been abducted. The incident unfolded swiftly, offering a glimmer of hope amidst initial concerns.

Amber Alert Triggers Rapid Response:

Prompted by a parent’s distressing discovery of a stolen vehicle—a 2021 Honda Accord—left unattended with their 4-year-old child, Justin Chan, inside, authorities wasted no time in issuing an Amber Alert. 

The alert, issued shortly after 7 p.m. on Tuesday, galvanized law enforcement and the community into action.

Community Vigilance and Spontaneous Assistance:

In a heartening display of community solidarity, two women from Orange County, Reagan Dunn and Yenny Lu, responded to the Amber Alert by embarking on their impromptu search for the stolen vehicle. Their unwavering determination and swift actions were pivotal in the subsequent recovery.

Driven by their commitment to assist, Dunn and Lu diligently scoured the area until their efforts bore fruit. Their keen observation and quick thinking led them to spot the stolen car, promptly alerting authorities and ensuring a swift response.

Emotional Reunion and Reassurance:

The emotional reunion between the relieved father and his son, captured by AIR7 HD footage, underscored the significance of the child’s safe return. 

Despite moments of confusion and fear, the child emerged unharmed, a testament to all involved’s swift intervention and collaborative efforts.

Continued Pursuit of Justice:

While the immediate crisis has been averted, authorities remain steadfast in their pursuit of the suspect responsible for the car theft and abduction. 

The ongoing investigation underscores the importance of vigilance and community engagement in ensuring swift justice and safeguarding vulnerable individuals.

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