Ofcom has opened an investigation into Virgin Media's compliance with regulations.
Ofcom has opened an investigation into Virgin Media's compliance with regulations.

Ofcom Investigates Virgin Media Over Vulnerable Customer Protection


Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, has investigated Virgin Media’s compliance with regulations to safeguard vulnerable customers during the ongoing transition from analog to digital landline services.

Impact on Telecare Systems:

The shift to digital landlines poses potential challenges for individuals reliant on telecare systems, such as those with emergency buttons linked to landlines. 

Concerns have been raised about the reliability of these systems during power outages or internet disruptions once the transition is complete.

While Virgin Media asserts its cooperation with Ofcom and the government in addressing these concerns, it emphasizes the shared responsibility among telecom companies, telecare providers, and local authorities to ensure adequate support for all affected individuals.

Key Focus Areas of Investigation:

Ofcom’s investigation into Virgin Media’s compliance with regulations focuses on two primary areas: ensuring the identification and support of vulnerable customers and assessing the impact of the digital switchover on their ability to access emergency services.

Paused Transition and Ongoing Monitoring:

Telecoms firms, including Virgin Media, agreed to halt the migration of customers to digital phone networks following reported incidents involving the failure of personal telecare alarms. 

Ofcom reiterates the critical importance of uninterrupted access to emergency services and pledges to provide updates on the investigation’s progress.

Upholding Consumer Safety and Accessibility:

Ofcom underscores the importance of maintaining a reliable telephone network, particularly for vulnerable individuals reliant on telecare systems. 

Any actions or oversights by communications providers that compromise consumers’ ability to contact emergency services are deemed of significant concern by the regulator.

As the investigation unfolds, Ofcom commits to transparency by providing further updates on its findings and actions to address any identified issues. 

This transparency is essential to maintaining public trust and ensuring effective oversight of telecom providers during the digital switchover.

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