Google and Reddit have launched a cooperation that would allow Google to train AI models using Reddit's Data API.
Google and Reddit have launched a cooperation that would allow Google to train AI models using Reddit's Data API.

Google Strikes Deal with Reddit for AI Training Access


Google and Reddit announced a partnership granting Google access to Reddit’s Data API to train AI models using the platform’s user-generated content.

Enhanced Understanding of Reddit Content:

The deal enables Google to gain insights into Reddit’s vast content library, facilitating improved understanding and utilization of Reddit’s content across various applications.

Google plans to leverage the acquired data to enhance the accuracy and relevance of its AI models, benefiting from structured access to up-to-date information from Reddit.

Context of Reddit’s Data Policy Changes:

Last year, Reddit’s decision to charge developers for API access sparked controversy. It led to the closure of third-party Reddit clients, with concerns raised about data scraping by large AI companies.

Reddit clarifies that its agreement with Google does not alter its existing API terms and remains free for non-commercial use, emphasizing its commitment to accessibility and fairness.

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Implications for Reddit’s Public Offering:

The collaboration coincides with Reddit’s impending public offering, suggesting strategic moves to enhance its value and offerings in the digital landscape.

While specific financial terms remain undisclosed, reports indicate a significant licensing deal valued at approximately $60 million annually between Reddit and a large AI company, likely Google.

Industry Confirmation and Reporting:

Bloomberg and Reuters corroborate the licensing deal, providing insights into the financial aspects and validating Google’s involvement in the arrangement.

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