Authorities in Los Angeles have issued a warning about a ring of thieves targeting smart gadgets throughout the city.
Authorities in Los Angeles have issued a warning about a ring of thieves targeting smart gadgets throughout the city.

Thieves Outsmarting Smart Devices in Los Angeles Area, Authorities Warn


Authorities in Los Angeles have warned about a group of thieves targeting smart devices across the city. Using sophisticated Wi-Fi jamming technology, the group has disarmed surveillance cameras and alarm systems that rely on Wi-Fi connectivity. 

This trend of tech-savvy robberies in California reflects a larger nationwide phenomenon, with similar incidents reported in other states like Minnesota and Connecticut.

Modus Operandi and Impact:

The thieves employ Wi-Fi jamming devices to overload the network that smart devices rely on, effectively disrupting their functioning without necessarily deactivating them. 

Despite the Federal Communications Commission’s ban on such devices, criminals can readily obtain them cheaply, exacerbating the challenge for law enforcement agencies.

Cybersecurity Measures and Solutions:

Cybersecurity experts advise homeowners to use hardwired surveillance systems instead of relying solely on Wi-Fi-connected devices. 

Wired cameras, connected via Ethernet cables, are immune to Wi-Fi jamming attacks. Additionally, incorporating timers or smart home devices can create the illusion of occupancy while residents are away, deterring potential burglaries.

Smart Technology for Protection:

While smart technology may be vulnerable to exploitation, it can also serve as a defense mechanism against intrusions. Some smart home devices offer features like real-time alerts for network disruptions and enhanced security measures. 

Storing camera footage directly on devices rather than relying solely on cloud storage can ensure continuous surveillance even during Wi-Fi disruptions.

Community Vigilance and Reporting:

Authorities emphasize the importance of community vigilance, urging residents to lock doors securely, enlist the help of neighbors for monitoring, and report any suspicious activities promptly. These collaborative efforts can bolster neighborhood security and deter criminal activities.

The incidents of smart device exploitation occurred primarily in Wilshire Park, located in Central Los Angeles, underscoring the need for deepened awareness and preventive measures in the affected area.

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