On Sunday morning, the LAPD intervened in an unlawful street takeover marked by reckless behaviour and fireworks.
On Sunday morning, the LAPD intervened in an unlawful street takeover marked by reckless behaviour and fireworks.

LAPD Disrupts Illegal Street Takeover with Fireworks in South LA


In the early hours of Sunday morning, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) intervened in an illegal street takeover characterized by reckless behavior and fireworks. 

Responding to reports, authorities converged on the intersection of South Figueroa Street and West Vernon Avenue in South Los Angeles.

Reckless Behavior and Fireworks Display:

At the heart of the street takeover, a large group gathered for over an hour, engaging in erratic driving maneuvers and setting off fireworks. 

Footage captured by stringer-service Onscene.TV depicts the chaotic scene, with attendees igniting fireworks amidst the bustling intersection.

Police Intervention and Fleeing Vehicles:

Upon LAPD’s arrival, the situation escalated as many individuals from the group attempted to flee in their vehicles, precipitating numerous near-collisions. 

Law enforcement officers swiftly moved to contain the chaos and restore order, dispersing the gathering and mitigating further risks to public safety.

Rising Trend of Illegal Street Takeovers in Los Angeles:

The incident underscores a troubling trend of recent illegal street takeovers in Los Angeles. 

These unauthorized gatherings, often accompanied by reckless driving and disruptive behavior, pose significant hazards to participants and bystanders.

City Council Measures to Combat Street Racing:

The Los Angeles City Council has formulated a comprehensive plan to address the issue in response to the escalating prevalence of street racing and illegal gatherings. 

These measures, implemented in February, aim to curb street racing activities and enhance public safety on the city’s roadways.

Woman Injured or Killed in Previous Street Takeover:

The disruptive consequences of illegal street takeovers were tragically underscored earlier this month when a woman sustained serious injuries or lost her life after being struck by a vehicle at a similar event in South Los Angeles. 

This sobering happening is a stark reminder of the inherent risks associated with illicit street gatherings and the urgent need for concerted action to prevent further harm.

Joshua Skate

Joshua Skate is a prominent contributor at Insider Los Angeles, known for his vibrant storytelling and deep dive into the city's culture, trends, and hidden gems. His pieces bring to life the unique spirit and diversity of Los Angeles, making him a go-to source for all things LA.

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