City crews are racing against the clock to strengthen Mulholland Drive ahead of the impending Southern California storms.
City crews are racing against the clock to strengthen Mulholland Drive ahead of the impending Southern California storms.

City Crews Rush to Reinforce Mulholland Drive Amidst Southern California Storms


City crews are racing against time as they endeavor to reinforce Mulholland Drive ahead of the impending Southern California storms, aiming to prevent further deterioration of the road’s structural integrity.

Officials have identified severe erosion of the soil beneath Mulholland Drive, rendering the area unstable and vulnerable to potential collapses. This prompts immediate intervention.

Impact of Winter Rain on Hillside Communities:

The relentless winter rain has affected the hillside communities, exacerbating soil saturation and erosion, particularly along Mulholland Drive.

Construction crews are employing massive boulders to contain and stabilize the saturated and weakened soil, a crucial measure amidst one of the wettest winters on record.

Closure and Concerns for Mulholland Drive:

Mulholland Drive, between Coldwater and Laurel Canyons, has been indefinitely closed to traffic, posing significant challenges and safety concerns for drivers navigating the treacherous canyon roads.

Drivers face heightened risks, navigating narrow canyon roads amidst potential debris and incoming traffic, while homeowners in hillside communities remain on high alert for potential landslides.

Recent Landslides and Home Destruction:

Recent landslides, such as the one on Flicker Way, have destroyed multiple homes, leaving homeowners with devastating losses and uninhabitable properties.

Despite the dangers posed by landslides, the absence of recent wildfire burn scars offers a small reprieve, although authorities strongly advise vigilance and property surveys.

Current Impact on Studio City Homes:

Presently, homes atop Mulholland Drive in Studio City remain unaffected by the latest mudslide, with motorists navigating the perilous road conditions feeling the primary impact.

City crews anticipate several weeks of intensive efforts to stabilize the mountain fully, underscoring the importance of residents’ safety during this critical period.

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