Fraser Ross has taken a proactive approach to combating thefts and burglaries, publicly humiliating and exposing offenders.
Fraser Ross has taken a proactive approach to combating thefts and burglaries, publicly humiliating and exposing offenders.

Los Angeles Boutique Owner Publicly Shames Shoplifters on Social Media


Fraser Ross, the owner of Kitson, a lifestyle boutique in Los Angeles, has taken a proactive approach to combat shoplifting and burglaries by publicly shaming and exposing thieves on social media. 

Frustrated with the increasing incidents, Ross has resorted to using surveillance footage and online posts to catch perpetrators and deter similar acts.

Influencer Caught Shoplifting:

Ross gained attention recently after exposing an influencer, Sofia Arevalo, for shoplifting at his Pacific Palisades store. On Instagram, he posted a surveillance video of Arevalo and her friend, Patrick Morgan, showing Arevalo stuffing clothing items into her bag. 

Ross revealed Arevalo’s identity, place of work, and frequented locations, urging other businesses to be cautious.

The public exposure prompted Arevalo to be private in her Instagram account and eventually return to Kitson to pay for the stolen items. Another previous shoplifter, Anisha Tedake, reimbursed nearly $1,000 for stolen goods after they were exposed online. 

Ross believes that while contacting law enforcement is essential, more proactive measures are needed to prevent such crimes effectively.

Wealthy Individuals Engaging in Theft:

Ross highlighted a concerning trend where wealthy individuals, driving expensive cars and adorned with luxury items, are involved in theft. 

He emphasized the need for stricter actions against all perpetrators, regardless of social status, to send a clear message against theft.

While Ross acknowledges the involvement of law enforcement, he advocates for more robust measures to combat theft effectively. 

He stresses the importance of arrests and publicizing such incidents to deter future crimes, urging a stronger stance against shoplifting and burglary.

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