Target's venture into self-checkout underwent rigorous testing, with last year's trial run at 200 stores
Target's venture into self-checkout underwent rigorous testing, with last year's trial run at 200 stores

Target New Self-Checkout Policy: Balancing Efficiency and Security


Target’s venture into self-checkout underwent rigorous testing, with last year’s trial run at 200 stores yielding promising results. Initially limited to transactions of 10 items or less, the self-checkout option demonstrated double the speed of traditional lanes.

Enhanced Customer Experience and Convenience:

The decision to expand self-checkout chainwide stems from positive feedback received during the trial phase. Guests reported an improved overall checkout experience, appreciating the flexibility to choose between self-service or staffed lanes based on their shopping needs.

Beginning March 17, Target is rolling out Express Self-Checkout across nearly 2,000 stores nationwide. Alongside this initiative, the company remains committed to maintaining traditional lanes staffed by employees, ensuring assistance for customers with larger purchases or those requiring additional support.

Challenges and Realities of Self-Checkout:

While self-checkout promises increased efficiency and cost savings, challenges persist. Technical issues and errors during the scanning process can hinder the intended speed benefits, necessitating employee intervention. Retailers like Booths have reduced reliance on self-checkout, citing concerns over reliability and customer experience.

Despite its advantages, self-checkout presents vulnerabilities that retailers must address. Instances of theft, both incidental and organized, contribute to increased losses compared to traditional cashier-operated lanes. 

Target acknowledges the importance of combatting theft, with finance chief Michael Fiddelke highlighting ongoing efforts to mitigate losses and maintain financial stability.

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