Santa Monica citizens and parents are pursuing legal action to stop Los Angeles County's needle distribution programme.
Santa Monica citizens and parents are pursuing legal action to stop Los Angeles County's needle distribution programme.

Santa Monica Residents Rally Against Needle Distribution Program


Santa Monica residents and parents are taking legal action to halt Los Angeles County’s needle distribution program, citing concerns about its impact on the community. 


The needle distribution program, operating at Reed Park in Santa Monica for over two years, offers free clean needles, Narcan, and fentanyl testing strips to aid individuals struggling with drug addiction.

While the program aims to assist, critics argue that it poses risks to residents and exacerbates existing challenges in the area.

Community Concerns:

Residents, including parents like Angela DiGaetano, express apprehension about the program’s implications. DiGaetano emphasizes safety concerns, stating that the environment around Reed Park is unsettling.

Mayor Phil Brock echoes these sentiments, highlighting the program’s perceived negative impact on community safety and well-being. Despite objections from city council members, the distribution continues unabated.

Legal Action and Public Support:

Over 22,000 signatures have been collected to support ending the needle distribution program in Santa Monica, reflecting widespread community opposition.

Mayor Brock plans to engage with LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer to advocate for the program’s cessation, emphasizing the need to prioritize community concerns.

Public Health Perspective:

Advocates of the needle exchange program emphasize its role in reducing the transmission of diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. However, concerns persist regarding its overall efficacy and impact on local neighborhoods.

The LA County Department of Public Health and the Santa Monica city manager declined to comment, indicating a reluctance to engage with public discourse.

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