Recent instances have sparked anxiety among neighbours, prompting a police probe into an alarming thievery trend.
Recent instances have sparked anxiety among neighbours, prompting a police probe into an alarming thievery trend.

Pasadena Residents on Alert as Thieves Target Bronze Streetlight Poles


Nestled just a mile south of the iconic Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena’s serene Orange Grove Boulevard has long been admired for its well-manicured lawns and charming properties. 

However, recent events have stirred concern among neighbors and prompted a police investigation into a troubling theft trend.

The Quiet Thoroughfare Under Threat:

While Orange Grove Boulevard typically exudes tranquility, tonight, residents are preoccupied with an alarming absence from their usual view. What catches the eye now are the conspicuously vacant spots where century-old bronze streetlight poles once stood proudly.

Pasadena police report a surge in theft incidents targeting these historic streetlight poles. According to city spokesperson Lisa Derderian, 11 poles have been stolen in the past ten days, sending shockwaves through the community.

Eyewitness Accounts:

Residents like Doug Devos share firsthand encounters with the brazen thieves. Devos recounts a recent evening stroll on Orange Grove Boulevard that was disrupted by the sight and sound of a suspicious truck. 

Witnessing the illicit activity firsthand, he swiftly notified authorities, leaving behind a chain of evidence in abandoned equipment.

Persistent Police Efforts:

Pasadena detectives are no strangers to such incidents, having grappled with similar thefts of copper wire and bronze plaques in the past year. 

Derderian underscores the urgency of apprehending the perpetrators and emphasizes the need to disrupt the illicit trade network that fuels such crimes.

Community Vigilance:

As Pasadena residents remain vigilant about escalating thefts, authorities urge cooperation and awareness to combat the menace. 

With the community’s support and police diligence, efforts are underway to thwart these thefts and safeguard Pasadena’s heritage against further vandalism and disruption.

Joshua Skate

Joshua Skate is a prominent contributor at Insider Los Angeles, known for his vibrant storytelling and deep dive into the city's culture, trends, and hidden gems. His pieces bring to life the unique spirit and diversity of Los Angeles, making him a go-to source for all things LA.

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