Marc Verbena, a resident in the Hollywood Hills, received terrible news as a landslip enveloped his recently constructed home.
Marc Verbena, a resident in the Hollywood Hills, received terrible news as a landslip enveloped his recently constructed home.

Hollywood Hills Homeowner Faces Devastation due to Landslide


In a devastating turn of events, Marc Verbena, a homeowner in the Hollywood Hills, received distressing news as a landslide engulfed his newly constructed home, forcing him to postpone his move-in plans indefinitely. 

The catastrophic incident, which occurred on Wednesday evening, has left Verbena’s property severely damaged, with significant structural compromise and imminent collapse.

Impact of the Landslide:

The landslide, which struck at approximately 5:30 p.m., inflicted extensive damage to Verbena’s residence, leaving it in a precarious state of disrepair. 

With dirt seeping into the kitchen and bedroom and the roof teetering on the brink of collapse, the magnitude of the destruction is evident. 

Despite investing over a year in building his dream home, Verbena now faces the daunting task of salvaging what remains of his property.

Financial Strain and Uncertainty:

As Verbena grapples with the aftermath of the landslide, he finds himself burdened with the overwhelming financial implications of the disaster. 

Estimates suggest that the cost of repairs could soar as high as $500,000, placing an immense strain on his resources. 

Despite seeking assistance from government agencies and engaging with city inspectors and geologists, Verbena remains uncertain about the feasibility of rebuilding his home given the exorbitant expenses involved.

Unforeseen Nature of the Disaster:

Verbena’s plight underscores the unpredictability of natural disasters, with the landslide catching him off guard despite previous instances of minor mudslides in the area. 

The scale of the catastrophe far exceeds anything experienced previously, leaving Verbena and his neighbors stunned by the magnitude of the destruction.

Seeking Aid and Resolution:

In his quest for assistance, Verbena is left grappling with the daunting prospect of navigating the bureaucratic complexities of securing financial aid and mitigating the repercussions of the landslide. 

While the home remains red-tagged, signifying its uninhabitable status, Verbena confronts an uncertain future fraught with challenges and obstacles.

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