A home in Playa Vista fell prey to a brazen burglary, leaving it in chaos.
A home in Playa Vista fell prey to a brazen burglary, leaving it in chaos.

Burglars Ransack Playa Vista Home, Sparking Community Concern


A home in Playa Vista fell victim to a brazen burglary, leaving it in disarray and prompting fears that other houses may have been targeted in the area.

Surveillance Footage Reveals Suspects:

Surveillance footage captured by a Ring camera showed three individuals near a condo on Pacific Promenade. Shortly after they disappeared from view, a loud crash echoed through the video, signaling trouble. The homeowner returned to discover his living room window shattered.

Homeowner’s Harrowing Experience:

The homeowner, who chose to remain anonymous out of safety concern, initially feared for the safety of his cat upon finding the broken window. After ensuring the pet’s safety, he surveyed the damage inside, finding drawers open and valuables missing.

The burglars made off with money, jewelry, purses, and other valuables, leaving a sense of violation and unease. However, the homeowner’s community has rallied together, utilizing Ring video footage from various neighbors to piece together the events and timeline of the burglary.

Police Response and Community Anxiety:

The Los Angeles Police Department acquired multiple calls reporting break-ins on the same day, raising concerns about a potential crime spree in the area. Residents like Ken Dauer expressed feelings of violation and anxiety over the incidents.

As the community remains on edge, police are actively investigating the burglaries but have yet to make any arrests. The search for the perpetrators continues as residents seek reassurance and peace of mind in their neighborhood.

Joshua Skate

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