Residents met to discuss and propose additional safety measures following several horrific assaults along the Venice canals.
Residents met to discuss and propose additional safety measures following several horrific assaults along the Venice canals.

Artists Rally for Fans First Act to Combat Predatory Ticket Resellers


Over 250 prominent artists, including Billie Eilish, Lorde, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day, have joined forces to advocate for the passage of the Fans First Act. 

In an open letter addressed to the Senate Committee on Commerce, the artists emphasize the urgent need for consumer protections against predatory ticket resellers and increased transparency in ticket sales to safeguard the live music industry.

Concerns Raised by Artists: 

The letter highlights the detrimental impact of predatory resellers who exploit deceptive tactics, including the use of illegal bots, speculative ticket listings, and misleading advertising. 

These practices inflate ticket prices, deprive genuine fans of fair access to tickets, and undermine the essential connection between artists and their audience.

Impact on Fans and Artists: 

Predatory resellers not only harm consumers but also erode the integrity of the live music experience. 

Deceptive URLs and ads lure fans into paying exorbitant prices, while speculative ticket listings lead to fans arriving at venues with invalid tickets. 

The letter emphasizes that artists and fans alike are adversely affected by these exploitative practices.

Advocating for the Fans First Act: 

The signees of the letter endorse the bipartisan Fans First Act, introduced by Senators John Cornyn, Amy Klobuchar, and others. 

The proposed legislation aims to prohibit fake tickets, deceptive marketing tactics, and require ticket sellers to display the full price upfront. Clear penalties and enforcement mechanisms are proposed to hold violators accountable.

Call to Action: 

The letter urges Senate leaders, including Sen. Maria Cantwell and Sen. Ted Cruz, to support the Fans First Act and combat predatory ticket reselling practices. 

Artists emphasize the importance of prioritizing the interests of fans and protecting the integrity of the live music ecosystem against profit-driven exploitation.

Joshua Skate

Joshua Skate is a prominent contributor at Insider Los Angeles, known for his vibrant storytelling and deep dive into the city's culture, trends, and hidden gems. His pieces bring to life the unique spirit and diversity of Los Angeles, making him a go-to source for all things LA.

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